[Front Matter]

Part 00: List of parties and charges, stated in full legal technicality.


Part 01: How the case ended up before Hellmann and Zanetti’s court; why the first court (of Massei and Cristiani) convicted the defendants.


Part 02: Why the entire case must be reexamined.

Ruling Concerning Rudy Guede

Part 03: Why the previous verdict against Rudy Guede, which assumed the participation of Knox and Sollecito in the crime, presents no legal obstacle to finding Knox and Sollecito innocent.


Part 04: Why Amanda Knox named Patrick Lumumba as the killer, and why this is not evidence of her own guilt.

Statements of Rudy Guede

Part 05: Why Rudy Guede’s testimony, far from being damning to Knox and Sollecito, only tends to confirm his “certificate of unreliability”.

Witness Statements of Alessi, Aviello, Castellucio, De Cesare, Trincan

Part 06: Why these individuals (who testified for Knox and Sollecito’s defense) are all unreliable.


Part 07: Why the (later incarcerated) homeless inhabitant of Piazza Grimana isn’t quite the “star witness” that the prosecution (and the Massei court) had presented him as.


Part 08: Why the grocery store owner who claimed to have seen Amanda Knox shopping for cleaning products in his store on the morning after the crime is unreliable.

Time of Death

Part 09: Why Meredith Kercher died before 10:13 pm on the night of November 1, 2007, and not after 11:30 pm as held by the lower court.

Murder Weapon

Part 10: Why (quite apart from the issues with the DNA results)  it makes no sense to think that the knife seized from Raffaele Sollecito’s kitchen was used in the commission of this crime.

Expert Review of Exhibits 36 and 165b

Part 11: Why the court accepts the conclusions of its independent experts — Conti and Vecchiotti — that the DNA evidence from the knife and bra clasp is unreliable.

Print on the Mat

Part 12: Why the infamous bathmat footprint does not belong to Raffaele Sollecito.

Prints Revealed by Luminol With Useful Biological Profile

Part 13: Why the footprints detected with luminol that contain DNA do not prove anything about the murder.

Prints Revealed by Luminol Without Useful Biological Profile

Part 14: Why the footprints detected with luminol that do not contain DNA do not prove anything about the murder.

Traces of Blood in the Small Bathroom

Part 15: Why the mixed DNA traces in Meredith and Amanda’s bathroom are evidence more of police incompetence than anything else.

Staging of Burglary

Part 16: Why the scene in Filomena Romanelli’s room was the authentic work of known burglar Rudy Guede and not a staging by Knox and Sollecito.


Part 17: Why there is nothing implausible about Knox and Sollecito having spent the night of the crime at Sollecito’s house.

Behavior Following the Murder

Part 18: Why there was nothing suspicious about Knox and Sollecito’s behavior in the aftermath of the crime.


Part 19: Why respect for the rule of “beyond all reasonable doubt” does not allow a finding of guilt in this case to be sustained.

[Order (Dispositivo)]

Part 20: the verdict of the court, read by Judge Hellmann on October 3, 2011.